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to outnumber them, for one warrior to have from
three to five wives. It was the only way that we
could make sure that all of our women would
be taken care of when they should reach old age,

But this warrior Eagle Plume had only one
wife. He was a tall, handsome warrior of vigor-
ous middle age, and but for one thing he was well
contented with his pretty wife. She had served
him well. She was always busy preparing his
meals and waiting upon him; and tanning the
hides of the furry denizens of the wilderness., which
were killed in large numbers by this famous
hunter of the Blackfeet. But she had no children.

Indians are extremely fond of children, and to
have no offspring is regarded as a calamity, a
curse. Boy children were always preferred, as
they could grow up to be hunters and warriors,
while girl children could be of little economic use
to the family or the tribe.

Eagle Plume thought of adding another wife
to his camp, one who might bear him a child; but
he loved his faithful young woman and he was
reluctant to put this idea into execution. He
was like many men: he could love but one woman.

However, children were wanted, and Eagle
Plume's wife had spent many hours crying alone
in her teepee, because the Great Spirit had not
given her the power to present him with a little
baby with which to make their life complete. We